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MCRB and Flora & Fauna International co-Host Multi-Stakeholder Workshop on Sustainable Tourism in Tanintharyi Region

MCRB and FFI co-hosted a two-day multistakeholder workshop on sustainable and responsible tourism in Tanintharyi, over two days in Dawei on 19 and 20 December.

New Toolkit Available for Myanmar Businesses to Fight Corruption

A new toolkit to help businesses in Myanmar fight corruption has been launched in Yangon.

Consultation Held on the Children’s Rights and Business Briefing Paper

On 6 December 2016, MCRB held a consultation in Yangon to receive feedback and engage in discussion on the draft Children’s Rights and Business Briefing paper which will be published next year.

Joint NGO Submission to Consultation on Myanmar Investment Rules

Experts from MCRB, Earthrights International, International Commission of Jurists, Oxfam and the World Wildlife Fund, have made a joint submission to the consultation on the draft Myanmar Investment Rules (deadline 16 December 2016).

Findings from the Mining Sector-Wide Impact Assessment Presented in Geneva and KL

MCRB's Extractives Programme Manager presented findings from the Sector-Wide Impact Assessment (SWIA) of Mining in Myanmar and its main recommendations to the Asia Pacific Mineral Resource Exhibition and Conference (APMREC) 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, Malay

A Reformed Telecoms Law is Needed to Protect Freedom of Speech and Privacy

MCRB has been working with other civil society organisations to identify specific reforms needed to address weaknesses in the protection of the right to freedom of expression and privacy in laws.

Towards a Myanmar Food Safety & Responsible Sourcing Initiative based on recognised International Standards

MCRB, together with PRIME Agri, co-hosted a roundtable in Naypyidaw on 8/9 November to discuss how Myanmar could enhance food safety and responsible sourcing in primary agricultural production, post-harvest, and food processing.

The draft tourism law: Fit for purpose?

Further changes are needed to the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism’s latest draft to ensure the new law meets the sector’s needs and guides sustainable development.

Hotel Policy is Broken: Here’s How to Fix It

Myanmar’s Tourism Sector will benefit in the long run if officials spend more time managing destinations and less protecting existing hotels, and instead lets the market decide which properties succeed or fail.

MCRB Invites Comments on its Draft Strategy on Disability Rights and Business

MCRB has put together a draft strategy for promoting disability-confident and inclusive business in Myanmar in the 2016-18 period.

Consultation Meetings Held on the Mining Sector Wide Impact Assessment

On the 11 and 12 October Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business (MCRB) held two consultation meetings in Yangon to receive feedback and allow discussion on the draft Mining Sector Wide Impact Assessment (SWIA).

The Public is Still in the Dark on Environmental Impact Assessments

Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business today published a Survey Update which examines how many Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and Initial Environmental Examinations (IEE) have been disclosed.

Discussion of Health, Safety, Labour and Community Issues in the Telecoms Sector

MCRB with the support of mobile operators Telenor and Ooredoo and the participation of the Factories and General Labour Laws Inspection Department (FGLLID) of the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population (MOLIP), facilitated a peer-to-peer workshop.

MCRB Submits Proposals to the HLUTTAW on the Draft Myanmar Investment Law

MCRB has sent proposed amendments to relevant Parliamentary Committees on the draft Myanmar Investment Law (MIL).

‘Environmental Impact Assessments in Myanmar’ Workshop

On 12 September 2016, MCRB and ERM co-organised a discussion on ‘Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) in Myanmar’ with civil society organisations (CSOs), with the objective of sharing experience and knowledge of EIAs.

Second training workshop held for local EIA consultants

On 30 September 2016, Vermont Law School (VLS) and MCRB co-organised a second training session for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) consultants in Yangon.

MCRB submits comments on the draft Privacy and Security Protection Law

MCRB has submitted comments to the Hluttaw on the draft Privacy and Security Protection Law which is currently under discussion in the Hluttaw.

Community Engagement with the Private Sector - How to be Effective

Vicky Bowman was a keynote speaker at the "Community Engagement in EIA: A Regional Exchange and Learning Forum" arranged by PACT/Mekong Partnership for the Environment in Yangon on 22 September.

Transparency to Rule in post-Sanctions Burma: Business Watchdog

The lifting of US sanctions against Burma, long the Holy Grail of the local business community, will only be a boon to Burmese companies if they learn to embrace a new ethos of transparency.

Myanmar Companies Need to Catch Up With Evolving Disclosure Requirements

The 2016 report shows that that the top companies which performed best in 2015 continued to be the most transparent in 2016.

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