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7 articles:

Guide to Help Businesses Embrace LGBT+ Equality in Myanmar

This guide will help employers in Myanmar avoid discrimination and navigate complex issues of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression (SOGIE) – and their Myanmar vocabulary – to build an inclusive workplace.

The Business Case for Diverse, Respectful and Inclusive Workplaces, and How to Build Them

MCRB held a one-day workshop on 7 May intended to provide Myanmar and foreign businesses with practical advice on how to promote diverse, respectful and inclusive workplaces.

UN Standards of Conduct for Business in Tackling Discrimination against LGBTI People

In September 2017, the United Nation’s Human Rights Office published five ‘Standards of Conduct for Business’ to support the business community in tackling discrimination against lesbian, gay, bi, trans and intersex (LGBTI) people.

Handbook for Employers on Employing Persons with Disabilities in Myanmar

This handbook aims to give practical advice for employers in Myanmar on how to create accessible employment opportunities and increase recruitment and job retention for persons with disabilities.

MCRB Publishes Briefing Paper on Discrimination by Business and in the Workplace in Myanmar

MCRB has published a briefing paper aimed at helping companies combat discrimination in hiring practices and in the workplace.

Consultation Held on the Discrimination and Business in Myanmar Briefing Paper

On 9th June 2017, MCRB held a consultation in Yangon to receive feedback and engage in discussion on the draft Discrimination and Business in Myanmar Briefing paper.

MCRB Invites Comments on its Draft Strategy on Disability Rights and Business

MCRB has put together a draft strategy for promoting disability-confident and inclusive business in Myanmar in the 2016-18 period.

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