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MCRB launches ground-breaking impact assessment on Myanmar’s oil and gas sector

The Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business (MCRB) today published its sector-wide impact assessment (SWIA) on Myanmar’s oil and gas (O&G) sector. The SWIA highlights the actual and potential impacts of rapidly expanding O&G investment on Myanmar society

MCRB Consults on Draft Tourism Sector-Wide Impact Assessment

MCRB held a consultation on the draft tourism sector-wide impact assessment in Yangon.

MCRB hosts government-business dialogue on the offshore seismic environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) process

On 18 August MCRB convened and facilitated a workshop to build shared understanding between companies and Myanmar government authorities of the seismic phase of offshore exploration for oil and gas, and how it is regulated.

MCRB Contributes to USAID Training for Government Lawyers on including Environmental and Social Issues in Contracts

On 7 August, Vicky Bowman, MCRB Director, spoke to a group of around 40 government officials from the Union Attorney General’s Office, as well as officials from other ministries working on contracts including Mining, Energy and Electric Power.

Internet connection: Corporate website index released

Corporate websites provide a window to examine business practices, but their quality is still a mixed bag in Myanmar, according to a report by the Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business (MCRB).

Information on Responsible Business Practices Largely Absent: Survey

Most Burmese companies provide little to no information on whether they have policies on responsible business practices, a survey among 60 major firms has found, and almost half did not even have a website with general information about their activities.

MCRB facilitates discussion between Ericsson and civil society groups

On 21 July, MCRB facilitated a discussion in Yangon between Swedish telecoms company Ericsson and around 20 representatives of trade unions and civil society organisations who have a focus on business and human rights issues such as land, community engage

MCRB Invites Recent Tourists to Myanmar to Complete a Survey

MCRB is conducting a survey of recent tourists to Myanmar as part of the Sector-Wide Impact Assessment (SWIA) on Tourism.

First Pwint Thit Sa/TiME Report

On July 22nd 2014, the Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business launched the first TiME/Pwint Thit Sa report looking at the transparency of Myanmar company websites relating to information on responsible business practices.

Vicky Bowman comments on Coca Cola’s second report under the US reporting requirements

MCRB and others have commented on Coca Cola’s second report submitted under the US reporting requirements for companies investing more than $500,000 in Myanmar/Burma.

4th Myanmar Oil and Gas Summit 2014

​Thi Thi Thein made a presentation about the "Sector-Wide Impact Assessment (SWIA) on the Myanmar Oil and Gas Sector" at the 4th Myanmar Oil and Gas Summit 2014 on 24 June 2014.

MCRB Contributes to Training Program in Pyin Oo Lwin

On 18 June, MCRB contributed to a training program in Pyin Oo Lwin organized by Burma-China Pipeline Watch Committee for its members.

MCRB Facilitates Discussion on Responsible Business in Taunggyi

On 14 June, MCRB contributed to a quarterly workshop in Taungyi to support the negotiation skills of local authorities as part of the “Inclusive Natural Resource Management Program” implemented by Mercy Corps in partnership with local organization, Karuna

They Are Helping Generals to Become Millionaires - People Are Angry at That

Vicky Bowman appeared on DVB's Dateline Irrawaddy programme to discuss the challenges companies and international organisations face when conducting due diligence on property in Myanmar.

MCRB calls for Further Consideration of the Impacts of Requiring SIM Card Registration in Myanmar

MCRB has responded to the Myanmar government’s public consultation on a Code of Practice for Mobile Customer Registration. The Centre welcomes the transparent consultation process.

Web presence a key indicator of corporate transparency

MCRB launched the Transparency in Myanmar Enterprises (Pwint Thit Sa) project last month, which rates Burma’s largest companies for their openness on efforts to promote anti-corruption, organizational transparency, and human rights, health, safety and...

PWINT THIT SA UPDATE: Almost Half of the Largest Myanmar Companies Don’t Yet Have Website

Six weeks into the project, we have reviewed the websites of 60 Myanmar companies that are significant players in the country’s economy. We have found that only 34 of them i.e. just over half have websites.

MCRB at the Asean People Forum 2014

On 22 March 2014, the Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business hosted a workshop entitled “Promoting Inclusive and Responsible Business: Experiences of Myanmar, Singapore and Across ASEAN” at the ASEAN People’s Forum on Business and Human Rights.

The importance of CSR - Mizzima Business Weekly interviews Vicky Bowman

In an interview with Mizzima Business Weekly’s Geoffrey Goddard, Vicky Bowman was asked to define corporate social responsibility and explain what a company gains from embracing the philosophy.

Summary of March 2014 Consultation Meetings: Oil & Gas Sector-Wide Impact Assessment (SWIA)

MCRB held consultations in Yangon, 24-26 March 2014, on the findings and assessments from field work across Myanmar, forming part of the forthcoming sector-wide impact assessment (SWIA) on Myanmar’s Oil & Gas sector.

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